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Yoga Timetable

Monday: Vinyasa Yoga, online and in-person at my Redland studio, 1830 - 1930

Thursday: Yang to yin flow, in-person only at Yogasara (Stokes Croft), 1630 - 1730

In-person classes £10 (£90 class pass of 10)

Online £6.50 (£55 class pass of 10)

1-1 yoga sessions are £55 and can be booked in-person or online

I am a passionate advocate that yoga is for every body. If you are completely new to yoga get in touch to see if my drop-in classes are suitable for you. I endeavour to make my classes as inclusive and fun as possible and try not to take it all too seriously. I feel honoured to offer the ancient practice of yoga that is not originally from my cultural heritage and feel that is has transformed my life and general outlook. Get in touch to find out more :)

Yoga: About
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Finding yoga

My journey to yoga has been perhaps slightly different to most as I began by teaching Body Balance whilst working as a fitness instructor in a gym, over fifteen years ago. It took me another ten years to start up practising yoga again and then I well truly caught the bug. What started back as a hobby, soon became a passion, which is now an integral part of me.

I was leading a busy life as a Chiropractor, treating patients and managing my business. During this time, the business had expanded, and I was also studying for an MBA. Although this period was successful, it was exceedingly stressful, my work-life balance was completely off kilter.

Over the past five years, I have been working to readdress this imbalance and get back to what is important. Yoga has been the means to make this happen and completing my 500-hour teacher training at Yogasara has been the most important step towards my new way of life. Alongside this, I have sold most of my belongings, started living on a canal boat and now work part time. 

In my classes, I teach a Vinyasa flow style of yoga where I enjoy linking postures with the breath. The classes are taught in a kramic approach, where the movements are broken down for varying abilities. This allows the classes to be suitable for absolute beginners and those improvers, as well as anyone suffering from an injury. I utilise my Chiropractic knowledge in providing specific feedback to my students both with hands on facilitations and after class discussions.

I generally do not take myself too seriously and the classes are very relaxed and informal. The whole world of yoga can be a crazy and confusing place and I do believe that there really is a class for everyone.

Be the change you want to see in the world x 

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Yang to yin flow

This is a class of two halves. The first takes you through a dynamic vinyasa flow, interweaving the postures to build up some heat, then the second half involves floor based restorative series of held postures and stretches. The effort followed by the rest; the yang followed by the yin. This approach often allows a deeper level of relaxation into the more static postures as the first half has released any tension and excess stress or energy from your day.

Hazel as a Chiropractor provides an embodied practice which is breath focused, kramic (plenty of options to ease off or go deeper) with a laid back and friendly approach. If you have any injuries, you are welcome to arrive a little early so you can discuss your options before the class. Any other questions do get in touch.  

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Yoga: Classes
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Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is a yoga class with emphasis on alignment, breath and providing choices and options for students.

As a Chiropractor I apply my knowledge of the body to provide an informed class that is both challenging but also appropriate for all abilities and those with injuries.

The class starts with breath work, moving into flowing postures and ends with complete relaxation.

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