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The Closet, massage and therapy space

The Closet is a room next to my treatment room at the Coach House and is rented by some of my very good friends who provide massage and therapy. See below for information and links on how to book.

 The Closet, Unit 33, The Coach House, Upper York St, St Paul's, Bristol, BS2 8QN

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Callum Gillon

Holistic massage, Deep tissue massage and Myofascial release

Mondays: 1pm - 8pm 

Wednesdays: 2pm - 8pm 

Everybody and every body are different, each day of the year we will be different from the day before. That is why the massage I offer is unique to what it is that is going on for you on that day.

I work on a client-led basis and depending on your intention for massage. Massage is a great way of helping maintain a balanced life and weaving that into your life could have positive benefits.

You may be coming for a certain purpose, have an injury, condition or just to take an hour for yourself to relax.

The body fascinates me and I believe the work of massage can help us gain a better understanding of our own bodies. I want to share, through massage therapy, the skills and techniques I am forever developing as I increase my understanding of the human body.

When not working I am practising yoga, geeking out about coffee, hiking in the mountains, going to gigs and finding Bristol’s best place for noodle soup.

Training and Qualifications;

"Callum's approach was full of care, knowledge and understanding. He intuitively gave me exactly what my body needed. I came away feeling incredibly nourished and refreshed. I am already looking forward to next time" Naomi

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Laura Gonzalez

Swedish and Deep tissue massage

Fridays 2pm - 8pm

About Laura: 

I grew up in Lyon, France and came to Bristol some 15 years ago. Having initially trained in the physiology and anatomy of horses I developed an interest in the physiological, anatomical and skeletal aspects of the human body. I then went on to train and qualify as a massage therapist and have practiced in a leading spa and clinics in the south west.

I am experienced in helping all people with different treatments and assisting with relaxation, de-stressing and easing aches and pains.

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